Car Body Repair

Car Body Repair

If you’re looking for car body repair for luxury cars in Melbourne, you can end your search right here. At our state-of-the-art facility in Richmond, the dedicated Motory team have raised the bar in the field of auto body repair. We understand how important it is to the owners of high-end vehicles to get the very best car body repair they can find. In fact, the Motory car body can provide the expert services you need.

In addition, our car accident repair shops, conduct approved car body repairs. we use genuine parts and following manufacturers’ guidelines for all repairs and refinishing. We have the necessary in-depth knowledge and skills to complete accredited Car Body repair on a range of luxury cars.

Your Luxury auto body cars are always more expensive to repair with pricier parts and additional technology and finishing processes we must say. You will see crash sensors, parking sensors, and other technology that might be damaged in even minor accidents, which drives up the price of the parts.

Even a good-faith best estimate might need to be adjusted if our expert technician finds hidden damage that may occur in an accident, on pulling body panels or other covers.

We set up our business after realising that nothing quite like it existed. Where did drivers go for a prestige car panel beater or high-end wheel repairs? That’s when we knew that we were needed. Using the latest technology and fully approved procedures, we’ve created the go-to service for smash repairs to luxury and high-performance vehicles. What’s more, our passion for exotics and supercars means we genuinely care.car body repair

Car Body Repair in Melbourne

If you’ve suffered damage to a panel, Motory’s outstanding body repair shop will make sure your car body looks brand new. We’re experts at precision dent removal, making us the perfect choice for smash car repair. Using specialist tools, our experienced team can remove minor dents more cost-effectively by not damaging the paintwork on your car body.

For auto panel repairs on anything from bonnets to bumpers, Motory will make it right.  Plus, while you’re having your luxury vehicle repaired, we can provide a suitable accident replacement rental car so you can still get around town in style.

Smash repairs

Whether it’s wheel repairs you’re looking for or an experienced car panel beater, the service we provide is extensive. All auto body repair work is carried out to the highest standards, and only genuine replacement parts are used. We know your car is your pride and joy, and all auto panel repairs and refinishing is carried out according to manufacturers’ guidelines.

Because we love luxury cars, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, all of which we bring to the work we do. You’ll want the very best technicians to restore your prestigious vehicle to its former glory. And that’s what we provide.

Why Choose Motory Automotive for your Panel Repairs?

• Thorough Inspection – We know that no one wishes for their panel to be damaged, but unfortunately, panel damages are the most common during accidents. Motory Automotive ensures that it is inspected thoroughly for any damages. Our technicians consider it their utmost duty to find every damage from minor and hidden to huge and noticeable so that no stone is left unturned while repairing your panel.

• Proper Repair – Our expert technicians make it a point to repair each damage that you are 100% safe while using your vehicle. We not improve the exterior side but also remove hardware and trims to evaluate the damage before devising a repair plan.

• Skilled Technicians – Our team of skillful technicians makes it a point to repair your car panel in the most professional capacity. They work with great effort to restore their original shape as much as possible.

• The Ultimate Finish – Once our technicians repair the damaged areas smoothly, they make sure to apply the primer while allowing it enough time to cure. Finally, the surface is so smooth as possible for the paint job. We implement advanced computer technology for the right mixing of the paint so that restore it matches your vehicle’s color perfectly. Finally, a clear coating is applied to buff any flaws in the surface to make your panel look good as new.

Other services

The extensive range of services here at Motory also includes vehicle customization, bespoke detailing, car vinyl wrapping, window tinting and much more. Our commitment to our customers is total, and it’s our mission to provide the best possible service we can. So don’t go searching the internet for “car body repair near me” – go straight to Motory.

Below you can see some of the cars makes that we regularly repair in our workshop facilities. We offer:

  • Maserati accident repair
  • Lamborghini accident repair
  • Ferrari accident repair
  • Porsche accident repair
  • BMW accident repair
  • Mercedes accident repair
  • Mclaren accident repair
  • Audi accident repair
  • Toyota accident repair
  • Range Rover accident repair
  • Bentley accident repair
  • Volkswagen accident repair

For prestige car accident repair in Melbourne, come to the best in the business.

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