Car Paint Repair

Car Paint Repair

If you’ve been in a car accident, it can be devastating to see your once pristine paintwork become scratched and marred. Regardless of whether the accident was your fault or caused by another driver, Motory Automotive offers car paint repair services to help restore the finish of your paintwork. We understand that a high-quality paint job requires experience and expertise, coupled with the latest technology and factory Approved car paint refinishing in Melbourne.

Car Paint Protection

Our facility is equipped with accessible filtered air feeds throughout. This air is so highly purified, it has been rated safe for human inhalation, and is the same air we use to spray HVLP in our custom spray booths. Motory Automotive, setting the benchmark for Automotive repairs.

Car Paint Protection Melbourne

Our workshop areas are temperature controlled with our automatic HVAC systems enabling us to perform repairs at the recommended temperatures. Along with this, we have dust extraction systems in place throughout our facility to ensure optimum conditions for our staff, clients and to keep to the standards of the Motory name.

Our premises are fully equipped with the latest available technology for Automobile repairs. From Aluminium welders to UV Curing lights and sealants, to the consumables sourced from 3M, the collision repair experts and worldwide leader in science and innovation of technology. You can rest assured your Exotic or Supercar will be returned to its pre-accident condition using the best tools and processes available worldwide.

Car Paint Shop

A facility designed to work on the world’s best marques is expected to have clinical quality control processes and procedures. As such, we have set the bar with our dedicated Aluminium/Carbon Fibre repair bays, to avoid cross-contamination. We also have dust-controlled areas for the application of Vinyl wraps and PPF to ensure the highest standard of application. Nothing less than Motory Automotive.

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