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If you’re looking for car body repair for luxury cars in Melbourne, you can end your search right here. At our state-of-the-art facility in Richmond, the dedicated Motory Autobody team have raised the bar in the field of autobody repair. We understand how important it is to the owners of high-end vehicles to get the very best car body repair they can find. Motory Autobody can provide the expert services you need.

In addition, our car accident repair shops conduct approved car body repairs. we use genuine parts and follow manufacturers’ guidelines for all repairs and refinishing. We have the necessary in-depth knowledge and skills to complete accredited car body repair on a range of luxury cars.

The Repair

Luxury cars are always more dear to repair, with pricier parts and additional technology and finishing processes. You will see crash sensors, parking sensors, and other technology that might be damaged in even minor accidents, which drives up the price of the parts.

Even a good-faith best estimate might need to be adjusted if our expert technician finds hidden damage that may occur in an accident, on pulling body panels or other covers.

Dent Removal

Cars are bound to get dents, whether they’re small dimples or big depressions. Our quick and easy dent removal service can take care of dents of any size in any vehicle. Dents are unavoidable. The longer you own a car, the more likely dent will appear on it in one shape or another. It could be a minor accident, the terrible driver who parked next to you, or a drifting shopping cart. Know that Motory Autobody is here for all your services for any make or model at an affordable rate with fast results.

Fender benders, car door dings, and any others are no match for our dent removal tools. We have a wide range of equipment dedicated to removing the dents from your vehicle safely and efficiently. We always give priority to our professional outlook and quality services of your valued car.

Thorough Inspection

Motory Autobody ensures that it is inspected thoroughly for any damages. Our technicians consider it their utmost duty to find every damage from minor and hidden to huge and noticeable so that no stone is left unturned.

Skilled Technician

Our team of skilful technicians makes it a point to repair your car panel in the most professional capacity. They work with great effort with skills acquired over decades of experience, over 80 years combined experience.

Proper Repair

Our expert technicians make it a point to repair each damage that you are 100% safe while using your vehicle. We not improve the exterior side but also remove hardware and trims to evaluate the damage before devising a repair plan.

The Ultimate Finishing

We implement advanced computer technology for the right mixing of the paint so the restore matches your vehicle’s color perfectly. Finally, a clear coating is applied to buff any flaws in the surface to make your panel look good as new.

"Bumper looked better than new. I don't know what they did. 10 stars"

Thompson Preston
Happy Customer