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Do you want your car to look ever new?

If yes, then Motory Automotive is here to introduce you to ceramic car coating that offers unparalleled protection to your vehicle from environmental hazards, stains, swirl marks, dirt, etc., that is easy to wash. Keep your paint ever new with coating.

Our state-of-the-art technology automotive service centre is located in the heart of Richmond, Melbourne, to provide superior quality car services to its customers. Visit our website to get to know more about us and our services. Ours have an expert team of staffs to make your dream car super new that you like to see always.

New Car Detail3 Day Service

$ 1,888

  • 25-stage decontamination wash process with purified 35°C water
  • Clay bar treatment to remove various contaminants
  • Stage 1 paint correction process
  • Water repellent treatment to exterior glass
  • Interior clean and vacuum
  • Wheel Coating Application (*additional cost)
  • Full vehicle Ceramic Coating application (Gtechniq Ultra or Pomp Graphene)
  • Infrared curing of coating



Ultimate Coating5 Day Service

$ 2,888

  • 32-stage decontamination wash process with purified 35°C water
  • Clay bar treatment to remove various contaminants
  • 3-Stage paint correction process
  • Paint haze and orange peel reduction
  • Wheel & brake protection
  • Water repellent treatment to exterior window
  • Interior detail and steam clean
  • Full vehicle Ceramic Coating application (Pomp 880xx)
  • Infrared curing of coating
  • Paint defect inspection



Motory Signature50 hour service

$ 3,888

  • 38-Stage decontamination wash process with 35°C to remove various contaminants
  • 6-Stage paint correction
  • Orange peel removal
  • Engine detail with steamer
  • Interior detail with steam cleaning at 174°C
  • Exterior glass polished to remove watermarks
  • Exterior glass protected with water repellent treatment
  • Wheels removed and protected with heat-resistant coating
  • Brake calipers protected
  • Arches and rubber trims cleaned, dressed and protected
  • Complete bespoke detail
  • Full vehicle Ceramic Coating application (Gtechniq EXO + Pomp 880xx)
  • Infrared curing of coating
  • Paint defect inspection and report

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Quality Car Paint Correction in Melbourne

Exposure to all the nasties of the atmosphere, such as rain, bird droppings and flying stones, can easily leave your paint job looking less-than-great with plenty of scratches and marks.

Our team at Motory take pride in our paint correction services, restoring the paint on Melbourne’s finest luxury cars.

Motory Automotives’ Ceramic Coating will protect your vehicle

Prevent your new car’s paint from fading

The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint to defend from external damages and environmental hazards.

Acts as a shield against UV damage/oxidation

Acting as a protective shield, the ceramic coat protects paint against UV rays. This maintains gloss and colour of the car.

More gloss and the ever-new look

The ceramic coating provides your luxury car with an ever-new sheen, always looking extra glossy after a quality wash.

Easy cleaning

Ceramic coated surfaces repel water, making dirt and mud easier to remove, resulting in a car that is easier to clean.

Let us handle your ceramic coating

Need help with organising a ceramic coating for your car?

Come straight to Motory Automotive − the experts in car repairs.

We’ll take care of everything for you.

"We called Eddie after having an accident. He organised the tow truck and made the repair process so easy. Car looked brand new when done. Could not be happier"

Sarah Whitfield
Happy Customer