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A Fresh New Look

At Motory, we offer a wide range of wraps, from a solid colour to customised designs, we’re here to see your vision come to fruition.

Bringing through a new design to life by vinyl wrapping Melbourne’s cars is not only an aesthetic pleasure but can serve as a real business tool for your company. Whether it’s a luxury car, a van, or an a ute, the wrap will increase brand awareness and keep heads turning at all corners.

Our high quality vinyl wraps are the perfect way to transform your car into a whole new experience, while doing absolutely no harm to the original form of the car.

Step 1

Decontamination Wash

Step 2

Vehicle Disassembly

Step 3

Vinyl Wrap Application

Step 4

Vehicle Reassembly

Step 5

Final Detailing

Vehicle wraps are the perfect option to breathe new life into your car, while protecting the original paint finish

Fresh Design

Find the right colour and graphics to bring a new sense of life to your car.

Brand Awareness

Advertise your business everywhere you go at no cost.

Protects Original Paint

Keep the original coat of paint safe from any rocks, scratches or harsh weather.


Wraps are the most cost-effective way to completely revamp your car.

Let us handle your car wrap

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We’ll take care of everything for you.

"2 x cars wrapped. So so happy"

Craig Phinn
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