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Ensuring cars remain as beautiful as they truly are is a passion of ours at Motory. Whether you're after a ceramic coating to fend off dirt and scratches or looking for a deep clean to restore your car to its original look, our team is here for you.


For most car owners, they never truly get to experience the full ability of their cars, until they choose to invest in upgrading the performance aspects. Increased power, style and sounds result in immeasurable joy for the owners of any car.


If you are looking to customise a vehicle, the Motory Automotive team is certified to also ensure the car is engineered in a safe and reliable manner.

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What our clients say about us

Thompson Preston

Bumper looked better than new. I don't know what they did. 10 stars

Sarah Whitfield

We called Eddie after having an accident. He organised the tow truck and made the repair process so easy. Car looked brand new when done. Could not be happier 🙂

Annamae Vuong

I had a pomponazzi coating applied to my car and it was always so shiny. Thank you Motory

Corkery CarliInstructor, Skate Nao

Removed coffee stain from my interior - hassle free and well priced

Meaghan Bujarski

The Lamborghini Aventador PPF do The very good job

Gordon Carol

The ol Subaru had a mini detail done at Motory. What a transformation.

Wilderman Russell

So respectable and understanding. Even if you're not a customer

Herbert Bridget

Professional Service. Highly recommend


Thank you Lucas 🙂 My Macan is so shiny

Xiaoyu Wei

Got my car washed and I have never seen it look so good since I bought it!!

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