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Tuning at Motory Automotive will allow you to see the real power of your pride and joy

Body Accessories

All our car body accessories use only the highest quality materials, to ensure reliability. If you’re not sure where to start, come into our shop and have a chat with our team.

Exhaust Systems

We’re all about the performance, sound and pure joy that come with an upgraded exhaust system. Speak to our team to find out about our exhaust options for your vehicle and how we can get your car sounding and feeling better than ever.

Increase Performance at Motory Automotive

For most car owners, they never truly get to experience the full ability of their cars, until they choose to invest in upgrading the performance aspects.Increased power, style and sounds result in immeasurable joy for the owners of any car. Our team at Motory would be honoured to brings you into a new experience with your car.


Regardless what you’re after, we’ll help you get your car looking right; whether it’s sleek or muscly or anything in between.


Nothing beats the feeling of a powerful ride on the road. A tune will take your vehicle to the next level.


Turn heads with a fresh exhaust kit from Motory Automotive. A powerful car deserves a sound that matches.

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